Nancy Corey - Glass Artist
Studio:  253-853-6237

At the beginning of 2005, she retired from her "40" full time.  She

Glass fusing is essentially "melting" of glasses together. Complete
fusing occurs around 1450 degrees.  Glass needs to be brought up
to this temperature in stages, and cooled in the same manner.   
Rapid introductions to hot or cold temperatures makes glass
susceptible to breakage or cracking.  All the glass pieces start out
as flat sheets of glass.

They are cut into desired shapes and sizes.  In addition, accessory
glasses are also used in the fusing process.  Nancy works mainly
with  transparent and iridescent glasses, and tends towards Asian
influenced pieces because she likes the simplicity and clean lines.

After the fusing process, pieces are often fired again to a lower
temperature in what is called the slumping process.  This is the
firing in which the pieces take on the shapes of bowls, plates or