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Itty Bitty Show

"Sometimes it is the small things that are the best"

35 Artists Original pieces of art with
Perimeters of 24" or less.

The Show runs from May 6 thru May 31, 2017
Winners of the 2017 Itty Bitty Show
1st Place - Barbara Yunker (Blue Ribbon)
2nd Place - Jani Freiman (Red Ribbon)
3rd Place - Ann Stockdale (White Ribbon)
Juror - William Turner
One of our featured artists in June
is going to be Paulette Hoflin. She
is a jeweler and beaded sculpture
artist.  She recently shared a
wonderful story about how she
found the copper for her copper
earring line.   She spent 2 years  
digging it up after she found a
copper roof on one of the local
beaches in the Gig Harbor area.  
Last year she started making the
earrings. Here are some photos of
the process. Her earrings are
featured at Gallery Row.
Marjorie Mankin is
also a featured
artist in the month
of June.  Come in
and see some of
her fabulous NW