Paulette Hoflin - Jewelry & Beaded Sculpture
phone: 253-851-7246
"Beads, beads, and more beads are a girl's best friend."

I can entertain myself for hours remaking it into something I liked and would wear. Since then I have let
minerals, crystals, rocks, and unusual beads of all sizes and shapes from all over the world. I use these
natural pieces to embellish and create the unique and exceptional pieces of art that can be worn and

I’m using beading techniques that have been around for thousands of years; combining them into my own

Each piece is original, one of a kind, and hand crafted. When I start the process I pick the colors, texture,
and size of beads. The design comes to me as I begin the construction of each piece. All beads are sewn
one bead at a time (no glue) to achieve the desired results.

The colors in each exclusive piece are meant to help with creativity, healing, self love, joy, laughter,
playfulness, intuition, and enchanting wonderment.
One of our featured artists in June is
going to be Paulette Hoflin. She is a
jeweler and beaded sculpture artist.  
She recently shared a wonderful
story about how she found the
copper for her copper earring line.   
She spent 2 years  digging it up after
she found a copper roof on one of
the local beaches in the Gig Harbor
area.  Last year she started making
the earrings. Here are some photos
of the process. Her earrings are
featured at Gallery Row.